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🎉 Welcome to Truly Fresh! 🎉 We offer the freshest vegetables and fruits with free delivery, start enjoying now!
Exclusive subscription

Vegetable and fruit packs

We understand that busy lifestyles can make it difficult to get to the market for fresh vegetables and fruits.

That's why we've launched our exclusive subscription-based veggie packs and fruit packs.

Fresh right to your doorstep

By subscribing to our service, you can regularly receive the freshest and most delicious vegetables and fruits delivered directly to your door. This way, you not only enjoy the highest quality product, but you also save time and effort.

Support local farmers

A portion of our vegetables and fruits are purchased directly from local farmers, which not only ensures the freshness and quality of the product, but also supports the local agricultural industry.

Surprise in the form of blind box

On our platform, freshness is not only a promise, but also the soul of fruits and vegetables. It is directly related to the taste and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. We understand that the freshness of products in traditional markets often fluctuates. To this end, we have launched an exclusive blind box of vegetables and fruits to present you a new shopping experience.

Our professional team works closely with local farmers and suppliers every week to select the freshest fruits and vegetables in season, ensuring that every product is picked at the best time. And all you need to do is just look forward to the weekly blind box being delivered to your hands, open it and enjoy the surprises carefully prepared by us.

Each blind box contains the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables of the week. Although the specific contents will not be revealed to you until you open the box, we guarantee that this will be an experience full of expectations and surprises for you. Open a mysterious door to discover fresh and delicious food. Let us regain the original deliciousness of fruits and vegetables and experience a different shopping pleasure!