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How to order products

In addition to one-time purchase options, our vegetable boxes (standard boxes, upgraded boxes and fruit boxes) also have subscription options/subscription products, which means that when you purchase these products for the first time, you can choose "weekly" "Delivery/place order every 1 week", or "place order every 2 weeks", the system will automatically generate orders in the future. If there are changes or cancellations, you only need to operate in "Order Management".
Customers ordering for the first time can place their order from Monday to Sunday, with first delivery taking place the following week. For future recurring orders , the system will automatically deduct the fee from your credit card on the Sunday before delivery based on your choice of weekly delivery/every other week delivery .
The picture below shows some important times for ordering vegetable boxes on the website:
Sunday: For customers who have already delivered goods, the website will automatically make a credit card transfer on the Sunday before the next delivery. For customers who have not ordered yet, Sunday is the deadline for ordering for the next week.
Tuesday: Green zone delivery day (see map on home page).
Friday: Orange zone delivery day (see map on home page).
Saturday: For customers who have already received a delivery, this is the deadline to change or cancel recurring orders for next week.
Example: You live in a green area, and on March 28 (Sunday is the order deadline), you ordered a 25$ vegetable box for weekly delivery. Then, you will receive your first delivery on Tuesday, March 30th . On April 4th (Sunday), the system will automatically deduct 25$ and send an email confirmation (may be in your spam). You will receive the second delivery on April 6th (Tuesday). If you do not need delivery on April 6 , you can log in to the website on April 3 (Saturday) at the latest, and in " Manage Orders " , skip delivery in the week of April 4 (Tuesday and Friday) , the system uniformly displays orders for the week of April 4 )
Attached menu example: